Celebration! History


At Celebration! Cinema “We create space where story happens” on our screens, in our lobbies and in our communities. Our company history also has a good story that includes three generations of the Loeks family.

Beginning in 1944 Jack Loeks opened The Foto News (later became The Midtown Theatre) in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. In years that followed Loeks expanded the number of theatres to include single and double screen small town theatres, drive-ins, and large multiplex theatres including the world’s largest multiplex theatre, Studio 28 with 20 screens!

“If we take care of our
employees, the bottom-line
will take care of itself”
--Jack Loeks, Founder


Family owned and operated for over 70 years, we focus on running a great company that delivers celebrated service. From pioneering the multi-plex theatre to being among the first to digital cinema and connecting IMAX screens to movie theatres – we are always looking for innovative ideas that makes a better movie experience.

JD Loeks


The best people in the industry got us
here. Weekly team meetings and
daily “huddle” gatherings ensure we are measuring the right things to run our business. But the immeasurable part is at the heart of our employees. We need fun, excited, smart and teachable people to help lead us into the future.

Emily Loeks
Director of
Community Affairs